hindu.bg is the only Bulgarian website dedicated to Hinduism. Hinduism as a way of life and as a religion: origin, beliefs, rituals and glory - so ancient, so modern, but so different from any other religion. Although Hinduism has been ranked among the world religions, Hinduism as a way of life differs significantly from our commonly accepted concept of religion. There are a few basic things that are of interest to the unprejudiced person and which distinguish Hinduism from any other religion of mankind:

     1)  Hinduism is the only religion which has no founder.
     2)  Hinduism is the only world religion that has survived to the present day and has no time of beginning, which means - existed since time immemorial.
     3)  Hinduism is the only religion that is based on KNOWLEDGE AND FAITH TOGETHER.

     4)  Hinduism is the only religion, which can explain every single human being with his body, thoughts, feelings and fate, and every natural event on the Planet Earth or in the Universe as well without using such explanations as "It is God's will" "It is your luck" and any other fiction, which shows the powerlessness and inability of those saying that to look at the truth face to face and to realize, that never ever has been in the past, there is no in the present and there will not be in the future any CONSEQUENCE WITHOUT REASON.

     5)  Hinduism is the only religion that does not deny any other religion, doctrine or sect that shares universal human values ​​such as non violence and tolerance to differences.

     6)  Hinduism is the only religion that clearly identifies the purpose of human life as well as the ways to achieve it along with the later Buddhism.
     7)  Hinduism is the only religion with an individual approach to each person. None of the other religions takes into account the individual factor of the person except Hinduism. For example:
The Christianity tells us that one has two angels standing on both sides watching it. Moreover, they record everything that he/she says or does, and when the time of the judgement day comes they slander him in front of the great judge.
In Hinduism, we can see the original concept of this. Because each of us is different and of a separate vibration, the Vedic astrology - the crown of the Vedas that are the basis of Hinduism - teaches us who these supernatural beings are, with which planet they are connected, gives us their mantra, which means their vibration and in this way we can connect with them to their vibratory field of existence and the help they can give us is invaluable.

The above example clearly shows that semi-truths and just enforcing the dogma doesn't work in our world now. In the past, because of the level of understanding of the common man enforcing the dogma was the only way to maintain morality and social order. Hinduism is not against Christianity - it simply explains it in its true light.

Thus, Hinduism as a religion represents a unique blend of faith and rituals on one hand, and philosophy and knowledge on the other.
In the 21st century or the period between the 300th and 400th years since mankind entered another age, people's consciousness will reach a new stage of development in which the subtle causes behind the material creation will be fully understood. Such common things as the mobile phones we use in everyday life, whose invisible waves cause a hearing result, as well as the transmission of information without space constraints, coincide with the definitions of Indian sages about the stages of human development - see more here.

Here is the place to mention something about the orthodox fanaticism observed in some individuals in our Bulgarian society.
In every social group, society, or nation, there have always been people who have exploited the nationalist idea. Such chauvinists, using some low instincts of a certain class of society, try to imply that their group is the greatest one in every way as opposed to the others, the ultimate result of which is always personal benefits.
The unprejudiced visitor to hindu.bg - the site dedicated to Hinduism knows that religion has played its role in preserving the national self-identity of the Bulgarians, but this fact has nothing to do with any nationalistic or chauvinistic idea.
To the great regret of such Christian orthodox  fanatics, every Bulgarian citizen who completed basic education at any Bulgarian school undoubtedly understood the lessons of history that the time between the emergence of a chauvinist organization to its inevitable end has been too short. This is because the human race can not survive if each nation maintains its own nationalist ideas over a long period of time.
Big conflicts and social upheaval has happened throughout the history of mankind, played their part and faded in the dust of time in unintentional correspondence with the descriptions of the epochs mentioned by the great sages of India from time immemorial - see more here.

The famous Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga answers the question: "Have there been great civilizations on Earth before ours?" With the persuasive: Yes.

Legends scattered all over the earth and existing in all nations for an era of abundance - without war, poverty and fear with one religion, one language, and in harmony with creation and the creator are not without reason - and the process of globalization like the erasure of the world's borders, communication in one language, the overcoming of the time and space barriers, etc. will continue regardless of the desire of any earthly mortal - see more.
From this perspective, time will show whether Hinduism is the religion of the future or not ......... ..

The excellent science of Jyotisha comprising of Siddhanta, Samhita and Hora as its three sections is verily the eye of the Vedas"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Narada Samhita 1-4

The Hinduism is based on the teaching of the Vedas- the world oldest sacred books. The offset of the Vedas- Vedanga or the limbs of the Vedas are as follows:

  1. Shiksha (śikṣā): phonetics, phonology, pronunciation.
  2. Chhandas (chandas): prosody.
  3. Vyakarana (vyākaraṇa): grammar and linguistic analysis.
  4. Nirukta (nirukta): etymology, explanation of words.
  5. Kalpa (kalpa): ritual instructions.
  6. Jyotisha- the eye of the Vedas, the science of the past, present and future, the crown of all of the above- this is the vedic astrology.

In the film below unprejudiced visitor of hindu.bg- the Bulgarian website dedicated to Hinduism can see scientific verification of vedic knowledge.

Please note the effect of the vibration sound on the glass at the 26th minute of the film, which demonstrate the tremendous influence of the mantras on human body and mind.

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hindu.bg- the website dedicated to Hinduism team aims to inform the Bulgarian society about the Hinduism and it's essence. 

We are a small team of professionals dedicated to an no easy task to break the stereotype that dominates in the Bulgarian society today about Hinduism and to show the truth to contemporary Bulgarians about the deep insights, origin, beliefs and glory of the Hinduism and all those things, which that religion have done in the past and can do at present for the sake of the individual, society, humanity and nature each and as a whole.